Aug 302011

You may not have heard as he keeps it very quiet but Darragh did a rather impressive IM time in Germany. Congrats to the big man who has really stuck to the task over the last 12 months to boost his IM time. His attention is turning to the short course next year and I think the top order in TUNA could see a shake up.

Darragh’s press release….

On Thursday 4th of August, TUNA member Darragh Corvan flew over to Regensburg in Germany to participate in the annual Ironman triathlon. The event held on the Sunday the 7th comprises of a 2.4mile swim followed by a 112mile cycle and then followed by a 26.2mile run.

At 7am, the TUNA stood at the Guggenburger See outside of the Bavarian city to launch his adventure with 2400 other competitors. The clacson sounded at 7, the race was underway and the athletes ran down to the beech for what turned out to be a very aggressive swim. “The tight start made the swim very crowded.” Said Darragh, “the competitors were all ontop of on another and no one was willing to give up their place. I had to constantly watch for openings.” The athlete came out of the water in an unbelievable time of 1hour and 6 minutes. All of those Tuesday nights swimming in Craigavon Lakes seem to have paid off. Continue reading »

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