Jul 182011

This is now going to be a regular in-season training session. It will run on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday night of each month – so the next one is this week (20th). Now we have some baseline times it will be run as an Australian pursuit, basically a race designed to put everyone on the finish line at the same time depending on previous performance – it keeps everybody racing the whole way. It starts at 7pm from the roundabout at the top of Garvaghy Rd. All welcome – there is no cost.

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Near perfect conditions for racing developed in Portrush the day after the race! Although the skies were dark and wet the sea was calm enough and the 1hr swim times of last year where slashed in half. The Chairman hasn’t been beaten yet within the club and all eyes where on Paul Cullen to see if he would dare topple our noble leader. Stevie exited the swim in his customary position but Paul appeared less than a minute later, 30 seconds of which he gained in T1. We knew Paul was strong on the bike but the fastest split of the day was still a suprise – nice one! After an effort like that most of us would struggle to walk but he went on to put in the fastest TUNA run split of the day. Under the 2:10 barrier and 14th overall.

Stevie still managed to avoid being chicked – something the rest of the TUNA lads (self included) continue to aspire to in any of their races and under 2:20 ain’t too shabby. Erik managed to complete the entire course with a huge smile on his face – his wife’s advice I’m told. Sarah hammered her time from last year to win her category and even a cash prize – don’t stop pulling teeth just yet! Pamela managed her first olympic trithlon and even stopped for an interview with Alan Simpson on the beach after lap 1 of the swim.



Jun 222011

A few TUNA members feeling not quite ready for the Olympic distance at Portrush opted for this new event at the Dalriada festival. It was rather strange distances  (1/8th Iron) and more of a bike race with a short swim and run thrown in for good measure. The early swim exit was welcome relief as the water was bitter – felt sorry for those with a proper swim 50 miles up the coast the next day. The bike on the other hand was brutal and beautiful in equal measure. Along the coast road all was going well but then a left turn into one of the glens and a 4.5 mile granny gear climb. What goes up must come down so there was free speed on the way back. The run was short but the off-road terrain was pretty soggy and the finish line was welcome.

The race includes two free passes to the festival which is a great day out for the whole family. One to watch out for next year – Paul Cullen for the win with his now legendary bike speed! The effective clash with Causeway Olympic is unfortunate as it takes competitors out of both races. Come on Tri Ireland and Real Triathlon – work it out! Triathlon is too small for these conflicts, if that is what you are after I hear there is some real action to be had up the Short Strand!



TUNA Tri club looked fantastic as many of our members took to open water racing for the first time this year if not the first time ever. Apart from the Chairman – Stephen Guy (aka Tim Norris) all the boys were put well in their place (chicked) after a stunning performance by Fiona Murphy. I think maybe her bro gave her a few tips – he has a rather good record at the event in question! The link is to the TUNA results – full results are on the Irish Triathlon website.

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Jun 082011

On Saturday 30th April the inaugural Inter-Counties Triathlon took place in Ballinode, County Monaghan, organised by the Muckno Tri Club. It was one of the first open water triathlon of the year, and also the first triathlon to be undertaken by TUNA member, Leeanne Corvan, accompanied by fellow club-mates Phil Orr and Darragh Corvan.

An open water event so early in the season was a risk that the Muckno club were willing to take. It paid off, as the weather was warm, sunny but very windy!

115 competitors made the journey to this picturesque village, just a few miles from Monaghan Town. The event involved a 750m swim/18km cycle/5km run. The venue for the swim was Hollywood Lake, said to be one of the cleanest outdoor swims on the event calendar this year. The competitors then set out on a three loop, undulating cycle course, taking them through the village. This was followed by a hilly out-and-back run.

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TUNA goes to strenght to strength as shown in the last Duathlon of the year. Darragh’s race report:

The Triathlon Union of North Armagh (TUNA) participated in the Sportsman Duathlon, hosted by Setanta Triathlon club in Ravensdale, Dundalk. The race consisted of a 2.2 mile run followed by a 10.5mile bike ride, followed by another 2.2mile run. The club had a strong showing at the event. Paul Quinn, Gary McDonald, Sarah McQuitty, Niall Stewart, Darragh Corvan, Leeanne Corvan and Philip Orr were all there with the intention of having some fun and all no doubt hoping to improve their times.

The race got underway at 9:30am and Darragh shot out of the stalls, but Gary managed to pass him after the first mile and Paul caught him just before transition. “I needed a good start to give me an advantage in the race” said Darragh, “Paul and Gary are very good runners and I wanted to be at least level with them on the bike.” Continue reading »

Apr 172011

Conor cruising to victory

Great day out at MUD MADNESS. Amazing event, all in aid of charity. I have never been so dirty in my entire life and bearing in mind I once slipped on steatorrhoea (google it) on the way to a cardiac arrest that is quite a feat! Conor returned to defend his crown. His most high profile event of the year. Certain others (Darragh) were unable to compete due to fears over injury with such important seasons ahead! Plan is to complete as a club next year –  in pink speedos!



Conor e-mailed me the following update and I asked him “Who is the woman in the middle? She’s the spit of Chrissie Wellington”, I got the rather obvious reply “Chrissie Wellington!”……I didn’t ask if he could beat her in the pool, anyway, here is an insight into the world of pro triathlon.

So Winter 2011 is over us. I’ve had a great winter training and things are moving along nicely. I’m currently based in Spain with the Irish Elite team, (Me, Gavin Noble, Bryan Keane and Aileen Morrison). We are based in Aguilas, a costal town in the south east of Spain. The Belgian and Italian Elite teams are here aswell and we all swim together in the mornings. The cycling and running are great here, we have mountains only 5km from our apartments. Everyone is in good form at the moment so it will be an exciting year for the Irish Elite team. Continue reading »

Jan 162011

Six hardy TUNA athletes braved the elements at peatlands park for the Four Zero Duathlon on Saturday. TUNA’s domination of the event was almost as impressive as Leeanne’s dedication as a supporter. The weather was not pleasant to say the least. The photo’s major on the colour grey! That aside, all those invovled seemed to have a ball. TUNA’s new recruits continue to raise the bar with Stuart taking another victory – the odds are now pretty short on him winning his first triathlon – despite his claims he can’t swim! Alan has also had a very impressive opening to his multisport career with his run fitness seemlessly tranferred onto two wheels. TUNA’s official hardman has also clearly worked hard over the winter to overhaul the chairman. Read on for Darragh’s race report….                                            

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TUNA athletes have hit the new year with a bang. There must have been restraint in some quarters as far as the mince pies where concerned. Conor opened 2011 in some style by winning  the Leicestershire Champs (Senior Men) 10km on Saturday.  “I was aiming for top 5 but at the 6km mark I felt good, took the lead and hit the gas hard, had 3 guys on my shoulder at 9km but I emptied them on the last hill of the race.  It was a real muddy cross country course with 4 steep up hills and down hills and 6 river crossings.”

Similar success has been enjoyed at home with the Tough Trek 10k trail run at Davagh Forest hosted by Tri Limits. The club had two members entered for this event, Darragh (I forgot to wear a bra) Corvan and Stuart Paulin who claimed success for TUNA – looks klike things are about to get a bit of a shake-up come race season. Darragh’s race report…… Continue reading »

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