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Conor Murphy is a 25 year old triathlete from Portadown. In January 2010 he got a call from Will Clarke inviting him out on a training ride. He couldn’t make it as he knew he’d be stuck in London pulling a 14 hour day at work. He decided to take some drastic measures; he quit his job and went for a week in Lanzarote. It was no holiday; he spent the week in full time training with a handful of the world’s best elite triathletes. That leaves us somewhere in the middle of a story….

The story starts with multiple Irish junior triathlon titles followed by an unfortunate lay-off with infected heart valves. Then a brief foray into the world of competitive bog-snorkelling whilst qualifying and working as a chartered accountant. Conor has now returned to triathlon and his winning ways have followed. The conclusion of the story is still a long way off; he hopes it will culminate with the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Conor was a member of Portadown swimming club from the age of 5. He enjoyed all sports and competed in athletics for his school. His father, Stephen, was and still is a keen triathlete. He competed in Ireland’s first triathlon in 1983 and passed the triathlon bug to his son. Conor’s first race was in Ballymena in 1997; he began how he meant to continue, with victory. He won the under 19 section at the age of 12! A year later he won races at senior level, then aged 13. He continued in this vein racking up Irish titles at under 13, 15, 17 and 19.

Conor moved to Loughborough University in England to combine his education and training. He studied accountancy and trained with the British high performance triathlon squad. On hindsight he may have been doing a little too much too soon and the level of training took its toll. Conor became unwell and was diagnosed with an infection in his heart. This was clearly not compatible with the training he was doing and although he didn’t quit the sport training volumes were massively reduced.

Once he graduated from University with an accountancy degree, then he took some time to travel returning to a chartered accountancy job near Loughborough. Conor clearly enjoys the buzz of racing and not taking part in triathlon wasn’t an end to competition. In 2008 he became World Bog Snorkelling Champion retaining the title in 2009. Despite his return to success on the triathlon circuit he is committed to retaining this unique title again in 2010, and judging on recent success I don’t think many people will bet against him.

Whether it was the taste of success at the bog (however that would taste) or the lack of excitement in the world of chartered accountancy Conor has decided to give his full attention to triathlon. He put his accountancy career on hold in January 2010 and began working towards Olympic success. His progress so far has been exponential and although he would relish a shot at the 2012 Olympic triathlon he realises that 2016 is probably a more realistic goal. Conor is currently spending most of his time training and racing in England. Whist home in Portadown he will be joining his dad to train and race with the newly formed TUNA triathlon club. His priority for this season is to break into the Irish elite squad and secure some sponsorship to propel his campaign forward.

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